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Our commitment to supporting our staff's wellbeing at FMS

As a family business, our staff and their wellbeing are core to our values at FMS and we're delighted to announce our recent partnership with Arthur Ellis which will provide 1:1 services and essential strategies to support our staff's well-being and mental health throughout the year.

Arthur Ellis was started by Jon Manning in 2017 with an aim to make talking about mental health and accessing support easy and to create a culture where if someone is experiencing any difficulties, we all have the knowledge to practically help.

"We are working with FMS to develop quarterly well-being strategies which include quarterly workshops with staff. The aim is to educate them in all things preventative and well-being, including how to cope positively with different changes, whether this be seasonal changes, office moves or other life events they may encounter.

We have also attached our 1:1 service onto the offering allowing FMS staff to access sessions with our trained team of Mental Health Mentors if they need additional support throughout the year.

By getting the right support and approach to mental health in place as a business, you can have an incredible impact, not only on your workforce but on your bottom line too."

Jon Manning, Founder at Arthur Ellis

In any given business, 77% of the workforce will experience poor mental health in any given year which might not be diagnosable but may still need support. Currently, 17% of any given workforce will have a diagnosable issue which may not only need ongoing adjustments in the workplace but may need additional support from time to time.

Carl Yeomanson, owner at PGS said: "As I progress in life myself and go through the up's & down's I always try to remember those moments and how it affected me so I can be more empathetic to the team. Our minds are powerful things and can play a lot of tricks with our wellbeing. Any additional help and support we can give to our staff to make their lives smoother is great for them personally and can only be a positive for our company.

As a business that is passionate about supporting the local community and giving back to charities ourselves, it's great to know that the revenue generated from the corporate work at Arthur Ellis goes towards operating a 1:1 service for children (8+), young people and adults who can reach out about any issues without a waiting list.

I hope this service gives my employees a better understanding of realising when they need help, and that people are there to support them. The key benefit for me as a business owner is a content team and knowing they're at a company that gives more than a damn about them."

For more information about Arthur Ellis and the support they can provide to businesses click here 




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